Isle of Man-YorkSummer Study Tour

On the Study Tour to York and northern England, we explore first-hand where the Vikings raided, fought, and settled. Jorvik, now modern-day York, was the “capital” of Viking Age England, where Viking kings reigned for 200 years. Isle of Man – off the coast of England and in the Irish Sea – was a Viking kingdom. We visit the scene of the last battle of the Viking Age at Stamford Bridge. Using our saga as background, we follow the footsteps of our hero, Egil, as he fights for the English King, visits York, and plunders the English countryside. The Isle of Man played an important role in Viking history and was a warrior society.

On day trips through the Yorkshire Moors and Dales, we visit a cathedral and a monastery where the Vikings plundered and treasure was hidden. On the Isle of Man, we see archeological evidence of Viking society in the gravesites, rune stones, and the famous Manx crosses.

In this year terrible portents appeared in Northumbria, and miserably afflicted the inhabitants: these were exceptional flashes of lightning, and fiery dragons were seen flying in the air, and soon followed a great famine, and after that in the same year the harrying of the heathen miserably destroyed God’s church in Lindisfarne…”

Tour Objectives

  • Understand how the events that took place in England came to define the Viking Age
  • By visiting museums, churches, and archeological sites, develop an understanding of the enormous impact of the Vikings on England
  • Appreciate the Viking’s technical skills, adventurous spirit, and versatility by visiting the coastlines they raided, monasteries they plundered, the town of York where they reigned and the battlefields where they fell
  • Explore the development and dissemination of Early Medieval Scandinavian culture by following these Viking raiders and come to appreciate the long-term impact the Vikings had on the language, literature, religion, legal and political institutions of the British Isles

Possible Activities

  • York: Guided tour of the world-famous Viking museum, Jorvik Viking Center, with a journey through a replica of the Viking town of Jorvik
  • York: Guided tour of York, walk along the medieval walls, visits to churches and the cathedral
  • Stamford Bridge: Visit the site of the famous Viking battle in 1066, the defeat that marked the end of the Viking Age
  • Durham: Visit the cathedral and the museum to see Viking relics; rowing on the River Wear
  • Whitby: Tour of town of Whitby and the monastery where the Vikings raided and plundered