United KingdomSummer Study Tour

Required Course(s)
Psychology of Sexual Self

In connection with your course, you have the opportunity to explore London and the UK while considering topics of psychological and sexual development, as well as sexual behavior patterns. You will hear from practicing psychologists in the field and examine how social media campaigns have affected the UK, where approximately 85% of women between the ages of 18 and 24 have experienced sexual harassment according to 2016 statistics. You will also learn the different concepts and understandings of the sexual self through a Q&A session with a clinical sexologist. This tour brings the topics of our studies to life and provides another cultural lens through which to examine the world.

Tour Objectives

  • Consider the impact of current sociopolitical campaigns, such as the #metoo movement on UK society
  • Explore our understanding of the sexual self through different cultural lens

Possible Activities

  • Meet with practicing psychologists in the UK with a focus on sexual development, sexual behavior patterns, couples therapy, sex therapy, etc.
  • Visit with the NHS to hear about sexual education and preventative care
  • Meet a clinical sexologist