ReykjavikSummer Study Tour

Required Course(s)

This academic study tour takes you to Iceland, the remote island in the North Atlantic. Here you explore the living conditions, climate, and other factors underlying the emigration that took place in the late 19th century. You stand at the scene of farmsteads, baths, the mythical landscape, and the annual Thing, about which we read in Independent People, and through that experience try to understand why one would leave one´s home.

Tour Objectives

  • Gain an understanding of reasons for the westward emigration
  • Explore what daily life would have been like, before making the decision to emigrate
  • Experience first-hand the impact of contemporary immigration to Iceland

Possible Activities

  • Visit to the open-air museum in Skógar to see how people lived in the late 19th century, the time for emigration westward
  • Horseback riding to explore the beautiful landscape and experience the mode of transportation in rural Iceland in the 19th century
  • A Golden Circle tour to important and beautiful places in Icelandic history: to where the political assembly met, to the waterfall that could have produced power enough to support the surroundings, and to the geysers