NorwaySummer Study Tour

Although Norway’s economy is highly dependent on oil and gas, the country has heavily invested in renewable energy. Currently, 98% of the electricity production in Norway is covered by hydroelectric power, with ongoing development of onshore and offshore wind power. You will explore unique dilemmas and challenges regarding Norway’s dependence from fossil fuels and their love for nature.

This study tour program is designed to give you a greater understanding of sustainability from a European context through a mixture of visits to research centers, companies, and NGOs. You will be able to identify different interest groups, as well as gain a greater insight into the role of communities, governments, and businesses in creating and implementing technology and standards for greater sustainability.

The study tour will start in Oslo with visits to various sustainability organizations within the city. The group will then travel outside of Oslo and into nature, where you will have the chance to explore your own relationship with nature and personal choices in regards to the environment. You will explore the importance of nature conservation efforts and understand how conservation fits in the wider sustainability agenda.

Tour Objectives

  • Examine the European approach to sustainability
  • Gain important insight into the various interest groups involved in the development of sustainable systems, technologies, and policy mechanisms
  • Explore questions of scale as they relate to sustainable development strategies

Possible Activities

  • Visit Statkraft - Norway's largest, and the Nordic region's third largest, power producer
  • Experience Norway's beautiful nature and reflect on nature-culture interfaces while exploring Hardangervidda National Park
  • Learn about several companies with environmentally and socially responsible business models