NetherlandsSummer Study Tour

Required Course(s)
Bicycle Urbanism

Before traveling to Amsterdam, you will have spent two weeks studying Copenhagen’s biking culture. Therefore, this study tour will comparatively study biking cultures in Copenhagen and Amsterdam, two places that are often considered the world’s most bike-able cities. . You will study what spatial components are necessary in creating a livable and bikeable city, and the best ways a city can encourage and accommodate bike traffic in the present and future. While in Amsterdam, you will examine the movement patterns of bikers on the streets, look at conflicts between bikers and drivers, and complete a mapping exercise of biking in the city.

Tour Objectives

  • Complete a comparative study between biking in Copenhagen and in Amsterdam
  • Understand The Netherland’s biking culture
  • Examine how a city can integrate bicycling into urban planning and design

Possible Activities

  • Analyzing Amsterdam Municipality’s bike planning program from within
  • Bike mapping exercises in Amsterdam
  • Interviewing residents and bikers in Amsterdam
  • Participating in a practical assessment involving reading a new city from a bike