LondonSummer Study Tour

Explore the truly global city of London, its bustling markets, and diverse multicultural communities. Childhood, community work, and ethnic diversity are exemplified by visits to childcare centers, education facilities, and local, community-based organizations. You will traverse key aspects of child development and education from an English perspective, while delving into London’s rich cultural institutions.

The visits give you a forum to discuss and debate cultural differences within ‘best practice,’ and explore the historical, economic, and social backgrounds of multiculturalism. In addition, you will draw cross-cultural comparisons to Scandinavia and analyze the challenges of providing quality of care for local communities.

Tour Objectives

  • Gain comparative perspectives on childhoods in England and Denmark, and apply definitions of terms discussed in class (social inclusion, cultural competence, etc.)
  • Analyze the programs and educational techniques explored in current research, advocacy, and practice in British education
  • Evaluate the ways that multiculturalism in London has impacted social and educational institutions

Possible Activities

  • Visit community centers such as the Bromley by Bow Center, which is working to help people of all ages learn new skills, improve their health and well-being, find employment, and develop the confidence to achieve their goals and transform their lives
  • Visit childcare centers and schools in under-resourced areas of the city to see first-hand how they work with children and families
  • Explore the multicultural and historical areas of the city, including visits to Brick Lane, Shakespeare’s Globe Theater, and Kensington Palace