London-StockholmSummer Study Tour

London is a well-known center of finance and home to some of the oldest and most influential financial institutions in the world. On this study tour, you have the opportunity to examine the British business environment and be exposed to businesses both in financial and creative industries, such as banking, insurance, and sports entertainment. Past visits have allowed students to visit the storied courts of Wimbledon, walk the trading floor of Lloyd’s of London, and sit in the seats of diplomats and world financiers.

Stockholm is the hometown of H&M and we study their retail strategy and also their very well developed strategy and implementation of sustainability. H&M is perceived to be the frontrunner regarding sustainability in the clothing industry. We also visit other companies connected to retail and sustainability – and of course explore the beautiful and very old capital of Sweden. In Stockholm, you continue the conversation started in Copenhagen, gaining additional insights into the Scandinavian business, economic, and welfare systems – which have proven successful for many years. Also, cultural differences between two closely related countries can be observed.

Tour Objectives

  • Critically examine business models and strategies of select businesses within financial and creative business clusters through on-site visits, and explore the development and importance of these clusters
  • Understand the differences between Danish and British business environments, and gain insight into the diversity of the European business environment and the challenges of creating a single European market
  • Become familiarized with the British business environment, and understand the influence of culture, clusters, and policy on businesses in London
  • Collect first-hand impressions from Sweden's capital, Stockholm, and its business environment

Possible Activities

  • Visit HSBC headquarters located in the new financial district of London
  • Walk through the old financial district to visit Lloyd’s of London, started in 1688 and now the world’s specialist in the insurance market, and the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development
  • Visit H&M, one of the largest clothing brands in the world