Faroe IslandsSummer Study Tour

Required Course(s)
Nordic Culinary Culture

The Faroe Islands have been proclaimed by the Guardian the “New Nordic Food Frontier.” In recent years, inspired by the New Nordic movement, that started in Denmark with the world-famous NOMA, a new gastronomic miracle has emerged. On the 18 islands in the middle of the Gulf Stream in the North Atlantic at 62°N, halfway between Scotland and Iceland, for centuries the Faroese people largely relied on eating what was found in the environment around them, they also learned to store and preserve food for tougher times.

On this study tour we will explore how the ancient practices of preserving food can inspire the new culinary movement on the Faroe Islands, and what makes these islands an attractive destination for ‘foodies’ from all over the world. We will use the Faroe Islands as a lab for exploring Nordic food culture, based on using local and seasonal products, reviving and adapting traditional Nordic cooking techniques, and combining good taste with health and well-being.

Tour Objectives

  • Understand the concept of 'New Nordic Cuisine' through the history and food culture of the Faroe Islands
  • Understand and identify modern challenges and opportunities for the food culture and production on the Faroe Islands
  • Explore local food traditions, taste local food and experiment with local products

Possible Activities

  • A tour on schooner boat Norðlýsið to catch and cook our own dinner and have a conversations about fishery with the local fishermen both on smaller and larger in scale.
  • Spend a day with the local sheep farmer on one of the 18 islands to understand the traditional ways of preserving meat.
  • Taste local food, inspired by old Faroese traditions and engage in conversations with people behind the most prominent restaurants like KOKS, AARSTOVA, RÆST, etc.
  • Foraging for edible herbs, flowers, berries with a local expert