Berlin-HamburgSummer Study Tour

Hamburg and Berlin offer contrasting approaches of building and designing sustainable cities and communities. The two cities are a lesson in resilience and showcasing both bottom-up and top down solutions.

During this Study Tour, we will enjoy a more sustainable learning and traveling experience through biking, using public transportation, eating in restaurants that offer locally and sustainably grown foods. We will meet local sustainability experts and advocates, and stay in sustainable accommodations, whenever possible. This Study Tour allows you engage in your personal learning process outside the classroom, challenging your current ideas and assumptions on building sustainable cities and communities.

Tour Objectives

  • Develop a deeper insight into Hamburg and Berlin’s past and present, and the correlation between them when building a sustainable future
  • Gain a deeper and more nuanced understanding of how classroom theories apply to the real-world environment, through experience and by comparison of different case studies
  • Ponder the tensions between current economic growth and environmental degradation

Possible Activities

  • Cultural and historical tours of Hamburg and Berlin
  • Explore bottom up initiatives in sustainable urban living at IBA Hamburg, Hafencity, Spreefeld, and Ufafabrik Berlin
  • Experience sustainability on a plate at Walderhaus, Frea