BarcelonaSummer Study Tour

Required Course(s)
Food and Identity

During the study tour, you will further explore the relationships between food, culture, and identity by focusing on how these arenas come together in Barcelona: a city that sits at the pinnacle of food culture today. You will learn about both traditional and contemporary styles of cuisine, and how they reflect and shape competing (regional, national, and international) identities. You will also investigate what goes into producing that cuisine by visiting farms, markets, artisanal producers, and restaurant kitchens. With the quest to get a better concept of what food means to Catalans, you will discover how it helps both unite and distinguish themselves among other culinary cultures in Europe.

Tour Objectives

  • Learn about both traditional and contemporary cuisine in Catalonia
  • Explore how local cuisine shapes local identity
  • Understand how the relationship between food and identity in Barcelona differs from that in Denmark

Possible Activities

  • Going behind the scenes at the Boqueria market
  • Visiting the Grandmothers of Sils, a culinary cooperative dedicated to traditional cuisine
  • Workshopping with the new elBulli foundation, as well as meeting with other innovative chefs
  • Visiting Pamies Farm, and/or visiting a cava vineyard
  • Urchin and/or shrimp fishing in Palamos, or visiting a traditional anchovy packing factory