SpainSummer Study Tour

Spain was one of the central sites of the large scale witch hunts in Europe, as well as an important site of the ‘six processes of extermination’, which played out simultaneously with the rise of Europe as a global imperial power. On this Study Tour, we delve into this history as well as the role of local resistance against both historical and current social and political oppression, the modes of community and local organization in Barcelona, Catalonian struggles for independence, and contemporary movements concerning class, racial, and gender liberation.

Tour Objectives

  • Identify the interconnectedness of various histories of resistance and analyze different approaches to community activism and liberatory practice
  • Describe the role of the witch hunts in subsequent gender oppression
  • Compare witch hunts in a Southern European context with Northern European practice

Possible Activities

  • Visit the Witch Museum in Zugarramurdi
  • Experience Barcelona as a place of resistance (walking tour of the Spanish Civil War), visit the local government, and talk to Catalonian independence activists
  • Meet gender hacktivists and migrant health care facilities, visit the Gynepunk Collective outside of Barcelona (cyborg witches), and go on a walking tour with urban justice activists