Arctic NorwaySummer Study Tour

Required Course(s)
Climate Change and Glaciers

On this Study Tour, you travel to the archipelago, Svalbard, in Arctic Norway, where you study glaciers first-hand. You travel up on a glacier close to Longyearbyen, go on a boat trip to see a calving glacier in one of Svalbard’s many fjords, watch arctic wildlife, and walk in the streets of an abandoned Russian mining town. You get the chance to interact with local researchers who monitor Svalbard’s glaciers and climate, visit a satellite station, and explore the culture and history of Svalbard.

Tour Objectives

  • Observe glaciers first-hand to understand and contextualize current and past glacier changes
  • Understand how glaciers can act as an archive of past climate change
  • Investigate how present-day climate changes affect Svalbard and its glaciers
  • Delve into the effect of glaciers on the local landscape and community

Possible Activities

  • Glacier hike on either Foxfonna or Sarkofagen glacier. No prior glacier experience needed.
  • Boattrip to see a calving glacier, arctic wildlife and a Russian mining town
  • Visit the satellite station, SvalSat
  • Hearing science lectures at The University Centre in Svalbard (UNIS)
  • Visit Svalbard Museum of natural and cultural history