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Commuter Card, DIS Summer Copenhagen

Travel on a Commuter Card while Abroad

The Commuter Card is one of two Housing-to-DIS Transportation Options offered to students living outside of walking distance from DIS. Learn more about if you are eligible for DIS Transportation Coverage here.

Making a Decision: Who should sign up for the Commuter Card?

The Commuter Card allows you to use public transportation daily to commute between your housing and DIS.

It is a digital transportation pass located within the DSB app, which you will download to your smartphone. It allows you to travel within the given zones between your housing and DIS across all public transportation companies in the Greater Copenhagen area including the metro, S-tog, regional trains, buses, and harbor buses. This means that if you need to take multiple forms of transport between your housing and DIS (i.e. a bus and then a train) you are able to transfer while using the same Commuter Card on the app. Read our guide to understanding Copenhagen’s transportation zones.

The Commuter Card allows you unlimited, 24/7 travel within the zones between DIS and your DIS housing. It is your responsibility to ensure your ticket is valid and to make sure you travel in the right zones. You will receive directions from DIS about purchasing and renewing your Commuter Card. Note that when you purchase your Commuter Card, you will invoice DIS directly.

We recommend researching your commute once you receive information about your housing location. How far is the commute between your housing and DIS? What forms of transportation are recommended for your journey to DIS? Journey Planner (Rejseplanen) is a great resource that will offer you information about the public transportation options available to you.

If you choose the Commuter Card option, you will still be able to invoice single tickets or extra zones for DIS-related travel (such as Field Studies or DIS academic or social events) located outside the zones your Commuter Card covers. Learn more about when you will need single tickets and how to purchase them here.

Note: DIS does not reimburse expenses related to travel covered by DIS if you fail to follow the proper invoicing procedure, which is outlined in the transportation email sent out before the start of your summer session. If you are experiencing issues with the DSB app, it is your responsibility to reach out to the DIS Student Hub ( for support.

Frequently Asked Questions about the Commuter Card

Q\ How does the Copenhagen zone system work?
When using any kind of public transportation in Copenhagen, the price of your ticket will depend on how far you want to travel on public transportation and how many zones you will need to travel through. Learn more about understanding Copenhagen zones and ticketing for public transportation here

Q\ How many zones will DIS cover within my Commuter Card?
DIS will pay for your travel between your housing and DIS. You can look up your commute by searching your housing address and directions to DIS Copenhagen (Vestergade 7, 1456 Copenhagen K) in Journey Planner (Rejseplanen). Learn more about how to use this tool and find the zones you’ll be traveling to here

Q\ How often will I need to update my Commuter Card?
You will purchase a Commuter Card that is valid for 30 days, to begin on Arrival Day. It is your responsibility to renew your Commuter Card within the DSB app. Learn more about renewing your Commuter Card here

Q\ What if I need to travel for DIS-related activities to zones not covered in my Commuter Card?
If you are traveling to zones that are not covered in your Commuter Card, you must buy a single transportation ticket or one-zone supplement ticket on the DSB app. DIS covers:

  • The Copenhagen Airport or Central Station when traveling for Study Tour
  • Field Studies
  • Practicums, external university courses, or other courses held offsite from DIS
  • All activities officially hosted by DIS, including academic and social events listed in the Events Calendar

Learn more about buying single transportation tickets on the DSB app here

Q\ Will my Commuter Card cover transport to the airport?
Your Commuter Card will only cover transport to Copenhagen Airport if your housing is located in the same area as the airport and your Commuter Card already covers these zones (zones 3 and 4). However, most DIS students do not live in the same area as the airport; in this case, you will not be able to travel to the airport using your Commuter Card, and must instead buy a single ticket.

If you are traveling to the airport for Study Tour, you can buy a single ticket and invoice the journey to DIS. DIS does not cover your personal travel to and from the airport. Learn more about buying single transportation tickets on the DSB app here

When in doubt, always check the zones required for your journey and the zones you have in your Commuter Card. Refer to our guide for checking the zones required for your journey here

Q\ Can I use the DSB app when traveling on my own?
You will likely want to explore Copenhagen on your own on nights and weekends, and know that you can also use the DSB app for your personal travel costs not covered by DIS. Just choose the payment form “Credit Card” and enter your personal payment details and be sure to flip between payments when traveling on own versus with DIS.

Q\ Can I have a Summer Bike in addition to a Commuter Card?
If you choose the Commuter Card option, you will not be eligible for a Summer Bike paid for by DIS. However, you can always rent a bike independently, whether for the duration of your summer session(s) or for a short-term rental. Learn more about independent bike rentals here

Q\ What happens if my phone battery dies?
You do not have a valid ticket if your phone battery dies. If this occurs, we recommend you purchase a ticket for your journey at the kiosks found at every station. Failure to present a valid ticket will result in a 1000 DKK fine.

Q\ What happens if my phone is stolen, lost, or damaged?
Please be aware that you are responsible for taking the necessary steps to buy temporary tickets until you have a new/replacement phone to transfer your digital Commuter Card. DIS recommends you go ahead and order a new SIM card so that you can transfer your already purchased tickets and Commuter Card to a new device. Refer to our guide on how to transfer tickets to a new device here. Please remember to update your new telephone number (if applicable) on Online Registration. For more support, contact

Q\ What if I don’t have a smartphone?

Q\ What do I do if I receive a transportation fine?
You are responsible for paying any acquired transportation fines before the given invoice deadline. For fines incurred on the metro, you are able to pay these online using your credit card. For all other fines, you will not be able to pay for the fine yourself as it requires a Danish bank account. Therefore, you will need to contact the Student Hub ( and the staff will assist you in the payment process.