Housing-to-DIS Transportation Options

Housing-to-DIS Transportation Options, DIS Summer Copenhagen

All students living outside of walking distance from DIS have a choice between two Housing-to-DIS Transportation Options. These transportation options cover your commute from your housing site to DIS, and allow you to personalize your mode(s) of transportation to better suit your needs. You will choose between a Commuter Card or a Summer Bike.

Once you decide on a transportation option in Online Registration, you will not be able to switch, so be sure to research both options before making your choice.

Option 1: Commuter Card

This option is for you if you wish to use public transportation daily between your housing and DIS.

The Commuter Card is a digital transportation pass in the DSB app, which you will download to your smartphone. It entitles you to unlimited, 24-hour travel within the given zones between your housing and DIS across all public transportation options in the Greater Copenhagen area including the metro, S-tog, regional and inner-city trains, buses, and harbor buses. Read our guide on understanding transportation zones in Copenhagen

The Commuter Card will be valid for the duration of your summer session(s) in Copenhagen. It is your responsibility to download and renew the Commuter Card (directions will be available) and to make sure you travel in the right zones.

You will receive communications from DIS in the days prior to your departure about how to download the app and set up your account.

Learn more about the Commuter Card Option here

Option 2: Summer Bike

This option is for you if you wish to bike daily between your housing and DIS.

With this option, DIS will cover the cost for a rental bike throughout your summer session(s) in Copenhagen. You will choose a bike from one of the trusted bike providers that DIS partners with.

Learn more about the Summer Bike Option here

How do I decide which Commuter Coverage Option is right for me?

There are many factors to consider. How far is the commute between your housing and DIS? What forms of transportation are recommended for your journey to DIS? How comfortable do you feel riding a bike? Are you comfortable biking in the dark, or in bad weather?

We recommend that you first check out your commute by searching your housing address and directions to DIS Copenhagen (Vestergade 7, 1456 Copenhagen K) in both Google Maps and Journey Planner. Google Maps is a great resource for looking at your commute by bike, while Journey Planner (Rejseplanen) will offer you more information about your public transportation options.

And for more information, read more about what each transportation option covers here: