Visual JournalSummer Course

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Location: Copenhagen
Architecture & Design Session

The visual journal is a process-driven, analytical tool where you record drawn inquiries for this course, as well as for studio, study tours, and self-driven studies. The focus of this course is for you to develop skills on facilitating better explorations and understandings of what you perceive: observing, analyzing, and communicating the diverse conditions and possibilities of the physical environments and objects that surround us.

The visual journal is handled by the respective studio faculty.

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This summer course would also be of interest to the following discipline(s):
Architecture, Graphic Design, Interior Architecture, Urban Design


Søren Amsnæs

DIS Summer Faculty

Architect M.A.A. (Royal Academy of Fine Arts, Copenhagen, 1983). Employment with PLH Architects, Homann Architects. Since 1988, own office specialising in visualization and project presentation for clients in Denmark and abroad. With DIS since 2012.

Maja Popovic

DIS Summer Faculty

Architect M.Arch. (Master of Architecture, Academy of Architecture Amsterdam, 2011). Bachelor of Design (Interior Architecture, Academy of Applied Arts Utrecht, Holland 2005). Co-Curator at Copenhagen Architecture Festival (2015 - 2018). Team member at Failed Architecture research platform Amsterdam (2012 - 2017). Urban Incubator Association Belgrade (Project leader, Architect, Researcher 2013 - 14). With DIS since 2017.

Heidi Grynderup Poulsen

DIS Summer Faculty

Graphic Designer. mDD, Visual Communication (Danmarks Designskole, 2007). Freelance Senior Art Director (Fredericia Furniture, 2015). Senior Art Director (Hello Group, 2014-2015). Graphic Designer (Designit, 2000-2002). With DIS since 2015.

Jeanette Hendeliowitz

DIS Summer Faculty

Architect, M.A.A. (Royal Academy of Fine Arts, Copenhagen, 1986). Bachelor in town planning (Royal Academy of Fine Arts, Copenhagen, 1980). Own design office since 2008. Design work includes interior design, exhibition design, graphic design as well as furniture design. Employment among others at Peter Marino Architects, New York 1991-93), Bysted Design, Copenhagen 1993-1996), Site Architects, New York 1996-97), Mancini Duffy Architects, New York 1997-98), Vilhelm Lauritzen’s Office, Copenhagen, 1998-2008). With DIS from 2012.

Morten Noer Andersen

DIS Summer Faculty

Graphic designer (Denmark's Design School, 1986). Master of professional development and professional education (University of Copenhagen, 2004). Management studies (DR). Launched the MA Programme, Visual Culture & Identity at KADK Royal Academy of Fine Arts, Copenhagen (2013-2016). Head of Institute of Communication Design, Denmark's Design School (2001-2007). Head of design at Bysted (2007-2009) and at DR TV (1997-2001). Currently working on a Ph.D. about public visual identity. With DIS since 2018.

Birgitte Borup

DIS Summer Faculty

Interior Architect, M.D.D. (Denmark’s Design School, 1986). Own design office since 1988. Design work includes interior design, exhibition design, graphic design as well as furniture design. Recipient of several international awards. Works exhibited nationally and internationally. With DIS since 1998.

Heinrich Hermann

DIS Summer Faculty

Visiting Faculty from RISD. PhD. History and Theory of Architecture (Harvard, 1995), MArch (Cornell, 1982). Professor of Architecture (Alfred State College, 2012 - 2015), Associate Professor of Interior Architecture (RISD, 2008 - 2012).  Adjunct Professor, Department of Interior Architecture (RISD, 2017-present). Owner of Herman Design Studio since 2002.

Joshua Morrison

DIS Summer Faculty

MCP City Design and Development (Massachusetts Institute of Technology MIT, ongoing). B.A., Environmental Design (Brown University, 2009). He has worked at Gehl Architects, the Taubman College of Urban Planning, and is currently managing director and urban designer at Fundament Design. He has designed public spaces and advised on urban quality in South Africa, Scandinavia, China, and Australia. His work has been published by the World Bank, the Energy Foundation, and the U.S. Department of Transportation. With DIS since 2016.