Sex Education and Sexual Reform in EuropeSummer Course

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Gender Studies, History, Youth Studies
Location: Copenhagen
Session 2

This course explores how sexual reform and sex education have shaped the history of sexuality in Europe, as well as the very core of national identities, such as Scandinavian national identities. We look into different movements, campaigns, policies, and public debates that regard sexuality. You apply theoretical perspectives by Freud, Foucault, Federici and Ponzetti and critically reflect on the history of sexual categorizations of human beings.

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Sara Gjermandsen

DIS Summer Faculty

M.A. in English and Gender Studies and a B.A. in English and Minority Studies (University of Copenhagen 2014 and 2010). Worked as a research Assistant at the Co-ordination for Gender Research at The University of Copenhagen and as an editorial assistant at the research journal ’Women, Gender & Research. With DIS since 2015. Currently working as the assistant program director of Gender & Sexuality. With DIS since 2015.