Psychology of Sexual SelfSummer Course

Psychology of Sexual Self
Major Discipline(s)
Gender Studies, Psychology, Sociology
Location: Stockholm
Session 3

This course aims to foster critical thinking regarding the self and human sexuality from a psychological perspective. Topics include, e.g., sexual development across the lifespan and sexual behavior patterns. We consider the history and diversity of human sexual relationships from mainstream and clinical perspectives, including both medical and psychological treatments in a Scandinavian and European context. Contemporary issues, such as the influence of the #metoo movement, online pornography, and social media platforms on our thinking and behavior regarding sexuality, are explored. You conduct a small research study in which you must incorporate psychological theory to consolidate learning.

This course includes a course-integrated Study Tour within Sweden! Read more about Study Tours.


Joshua Juvrud

DIS Summer Faculty

Ph.D. in Psychology (Uppsala University). As a research psychologist, his work has focused on the ways that novel techniques in research (eye-tracking, pupil dilation, virtual reality) can be used to assess how children and adults perceive and interpret people, emotions, and actions. Josh focuses this research in two fields. In developmental psychology at the Child and Babylab in Uppsala, he seeks to understand how children learn about their world and the social cognitive development of face perception and socialization processes such as gender, race, and ethnicity. In games research at the Games & Society Lab at the Department of Game Design in Visby, Gotland, his work examines the psychology of people, their actions, and emotions in game development, player engagement, learning, and immersion to understand better how different game players (with different personalities, traits, and experiences) interact with various game mechanisms and are, in turn, affected by game experiences. With DIS since 2020.