Propaganda: Fakes and FactsSummer Course

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Major Discipline(s)
Communication, Journalism, Political Science
Location: Copenhagen
Session 3

What is the difference between propaganda and bias or strategic communications? How do media, businesses, and governments place themselves in the space between information, persuasion, and manipulation? This course analyzes fake news, ethical standards in journalism, and government communications. We travel to Brussels and hear the opinions of decision makers and top European media professionals on the latest developments in media and in government communications. We also look into the history of propaganda and study its aims and methods.

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Government, Rhetoric


Jon Kyst

DIS Summer Faculty

Jon Kyst holds an interdisciplinary doctoral degree in Russian and English, for which he studied at the University of Copenhagen, St. Petersburg State University in Russia and Columbia University in New York. In his current position he is seconded as a Russian media expert by the Danish Foreign Ministry to the East Strategic Communications Task Force at the EU's diplomatic service (EEAS) Headquarters in Brussels. The Task Force has been tasked by the EU Member States to analyze and create awareness about Russia’s ongoing disinformation campaigns. Dr. Kyst has been affiliated with DIS since 2003.