Migration and the CitySummer Course

Summer Study Tour
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Anthropology, Human Rights, Urban Studies
Location: Stockholm
Session 3

Migration has transformed the cityscapes of Sweden dramatically in recent years, but the transnational processes of migrant flows have been an indelible force in Europe’s cities for decades. With a focus on Stockholm and a comparative Study Tour to Sicily, we consider the social and spatial impacts of voluntary and involuntary global migrant movements, the dynamics of displacement and place-making in the built environment, and the complexities and creative strategies of migrant communities in urban spaces.

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Tina Mangieri

DIS Summer Faculty

PhD in Geography (University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, 2007). Instructor, Stockholm University. Cartographer - Yemen Project, Royal Ontario Museum. Academic Director, Associate Academic Dean, and Academic Dean for Africa, SIT Study Abroad. Fulbright scholar, Kenya (cultural, economic, and urban geography). Assistant Professor, Geography, Texas A&M University. Assistant Professor, Champlain College. Director of Experiential Education, NYU Abu Dhabi. Associate Dean for Global Education, Bates College. With DIS since 2018.