From Witches to Cyborgs: Gender, Race, and ResistanceSummer Course

From Witches to Cyborgs: Gender, Race, and Resistance
Summer Study Tour
Major Discipline(s)
Anthropology, Gender Studies, Sociology
Location: Copenhagen
Session 3

The Witch, if ever gone, is back in art, activism, and academia. The witch is not only a historical figure reminding us of the prosecution of the marginalized, but also an icon of resistance, transition, and creativity. With the witch as a literal and metaphorical phenomenon, this course examines the origins of gender, racism, and colonialism that direct modern societies. We also investigate alternative and sustainable futures, including the transformative potential of the transgressing cyborg witch.


Nazila Ghavami Kivi

DIS Summer Faculty

B.A. Public health science, University of Copenhagen (2016). Special focus on the intersections of race, gender and reproductive health. She has participated in research regarding encounters between midwives and migrant women in the Danish prenatal care system. Guest lecturer at DIS since 2015, as well as a recurring guest lecturer at Metropolitan University College in Copenhagen. Nazila is co-founder and editor of Friktion, feminist magazine for gender, bodies and culture. She is also a literary critic and frequent contributor at the largest Danish daily newspaper, Politiken. With DIS since 2017. On leave Fall 2019.