Enemy Within: Spies and Espionage in the Cold WarSummer Course

Major Discipline(s)
History, International Relations, Political Science
Location: Copenhagen
Session 1

Espionage organizations play an important role in modern society. They aim to provide security from terrorism, among many other things. But how did these organizations come into being, and how have they developed over the years? Who are the people staffing them and what do they actually do? This course introduces you to the objectives and effects of intelligence and espionage throughout modern history. We look back in history to where it all began, and we assess the rising importance of the intelligence communities and organizations in modern societies.

We will focus mainly on 1) the organizational level through case studies, with a special emphasis on the Baltic region; 2) the ideological/political level through the prism of how and why the Western and Eastern blocs fought the Cold War with agents, double agents, intelligence, art, sports, and propaganda; and 3) the individual level through the prism of the concepts and practices of loyalty and betrayal: why would anyone choose to become the ‘enemy within’?


Matthias Bjørnlund

DIS Summer Faculty

Master of Arts (History, University of Copenhagen, 2005). Department for Holocaust and Genocide Studies, Copenhagen 2003-2005. Editor and translator on www.armenocide.de. Author and co-author of books, articles, and book chapters on historical and conceptual aspects of genocide. With DIS since 2011.