Cross-Cultural PsychologySummer Course

Cross-Cultural Psychology, Summer Course
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Major Discipline(s)
Critical Race and Ethnic Studies, Psychology
Location: Copenhagen
Session 2

This course examines psychological research findings, theory, and methods related to the study of human behavior and experience as a function of culture. Culture is interpreted to include ethnicity and social class, but may also include other factors. We examine the influence of culture on such psychological domains as: basic perceptual and cognitive processes, human development and family processes, and issues in social, personality, clinical, and abnormal psychology.

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Anthropology, Sociology


PSY-CNS – Psychology & Cognitive Neuroscience

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S. Salman Ahmad

DIS Summer Faculty

Ph.D. in Psychology (2005) from Osmania University, India. Worked as faculty and consultant in the areas of psychology, leadership and organizational development across South Asia, the Middle East and Europe. In Denmark since 2010. Chief Consultant at the Living Institute and External Lecturer at Copenhagen Business School. Faculty member with the Department of Psychology at DIS since 201