Communication and Conflict: A Cross-Cultural PerspectiveSummer Course

Cross-Cultural Communication, Summer course at DIS Copenhagen
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Communication, Media Studies, Rhetoric
Location: Copenhagen
Session 3

In a globalized world, communicating across cultural divisions has become a necessity, and yet, increasingly, we see ethnic tensions and hostilities being fanned by miscommunication and fears of ‘the Other’. Across Europe, the specter of nationalism and ethnocentrism threatens European unity, while states struggle to integrate immigrants and minorities. Using methodologies from fields as diverse as communication, anthropology, and cultural studies, this course asks a fundamental question: How can societies communicate to maximize understanding when polarized by religious, ethnic, and national differences?

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Critical Race and Ethnic Studies


Brendan Sweeney

DIS Summer Faculty

Ph.D. (Political Science, National University of Ireland, Galway, 2005), Cand.mag. (Media Studies, University of Copenhagen, 1999), NCTJ Certificate in Journalism (Rathmines College of Journalism, Dublin, 1982). Worked as journalist for many years in different European countries. Information Officer and Project Manager, Danish Institute for Human Rights, 2007-2010. Teacher, International People’s College, 2010-2013. Published historical novel Once in Another World, (New Island 2013). With DIS since 2013.