Child Development: Theory and PracticeSummer Course

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Major Discipline(s)
Child Development, Education / Educational Studies, Human Development
Location: Copenhagen
Session 3

This course takes departure in Scandinavian care, pedagogy, and teaching methods with a practicum immersion experience. By drawing on relevant research related to children, childhood, learning, and well-being, you gain insight into the challenges and possibilities present when growing up in a social welfare society. This knowledge is translated to engage with children to understand Danish pedagogy in a hands-on context. This class investigates topics such as: relationships between professionals and children, nature, achievement, bullying, gender, play and learning, and sex education.


Heidi Vikkelsø Nielsen

DIS Summer Faculty

Cand. Pæd (DPU, Aarhus University, 2014). BA School Teacher, (Blaagaard Seminarium, 2004). School teacher 2004-2011, union representative 2005-2011. Teaching vulnerable, bilingual teenagers in extracurricular topics at Ungdomsskolen (2011-2013). Volunteer counselor at the children’s phone, Børns Vilkår (2012-2013). Student assistant in a research project on the Danish dagpleje (home care) at Aarhus University (2013). Member of the ad hoc group across researchers and practitioners called “community teachers”, focusing on inventing “the community Didaktik” as a tool to prevent school bullying. With DIS since 2013.