Arctic Orientalism: Postcolonialism in the NorthSummer Course

Arctic Orientalism: Postcolonialism in the North
Summer Study Tour
Major Discipline(s)
Anthropology, History, Literature
Location: Copenhagen
Session 2

In the collective memory of the Nordic countries, the colonial past is marginalized in favor of narratives centered on welfare and benevolence. This course deconstructs Danish colonial narratives through literature, film, art, and advertisements. Employing Nordic case studies, we engage with memories of Denmark’s colonial activities in the Arctic, while we relate our discussions to current Scandinavian debates about the immigrant ‘Other’.


Birgitte Duelund Pallesen

DIS Summer Faculty

Cand.mag. (Comparative Literature, University of Copenhagen 2013). Spezialization: Contemporary Danish Literature, Literature & War. Worked with publishing at Gyldendal (2009-14) and Second Language Teaching at IA (2013-15). With DIS since 2015.

Mette Jungersen

DIS Summer Faculty

MA (Russian Language and Literature, University of Copenhagen, 2012). Teacher of Danish Language and Literature, Saint Petersburg University of Telecommunication, 2006. Assistant at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Department of European Neighborhood and Russia, 2006-2009. With DIS since 2008.

Ditte Marie Egebjerg-Rantzau

DIS Summer Faculty

Cand.mag. (Scandinavian Philology and French, University of Copenhagen, 2001). Studied French Literature at the University of Montpellier 1994-1995. Teacher of Danish to foreigners, mainly in private organizations, since 2002. With DIS since 2006.