FAQs for Current DIS Stockholm Students About COVID-19

On March 11, The Centers for Disease Control & Prevention (CDC) raised the travel advisory for most of Europe to a Level 3 due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

It is with heavy hearts that, given these new restrictions, we were compelled to suspend all in-person activities at DIS Stockholm effective March 12th. Remote learning will begin on March 30th.

During this time of transition, you likely have many questions – below are answers to many of these and we will continue to update these FAQs as we know more.

Q / When do I need to leave by and when is DIS closing?

A / You should have left the country no later than March 19th. Be aware that after this date, you are no longer covered by the DIS health insurance, which means you no longer have free of charge access to healthcare in Sweden. If you were delayed, or if you need support in travel planning, please contact studytours@dis.dk.

The DIS Stockholm Office is now closed and the emergency phone has been turned off. Staff and faculty are now working remotely from home.

Q /  Do I need to self-quarantine once I arrive home?

A / Be aware of entrance requirements and processes at your final destination. The U.S. State Department has announced that all travelers entering the U.S. from (most of) Europe will be asked to self-quarantine for 14 days. Please follow airline and TSA instructions upon your arrival. If you are not traveling back to the U.S., please check your destination country’s recommendations in regard to self-quarantine after returning.

Q / Can I still complete my coursework for the semester?

A / Yes! DIS courses will be available via remote learning, starting March 30th. Faculty will be in contact prior on March 25th with more information on how to prepare for remote learning. Please visit the spring 2020 calendar for the full timeline of the semester.

However, it is imperative that you discuss remote learning with your home university, as it is ultimately their decision whether and how to accept the credit you earn at DIS. If you have any questions related to distance learning courses and credits, please contact Academic Support at academics@disstockholm.se.

Q / What is the policy on course drop and pass/fail requests?

A / We have updated our course enrollment and grading policy for spring 2020 students. The course drop and pass/fail deadline is extended until Friday, April 10th. Please visit our Course Enrollment and Grading page for specific details and information.

Q / When will I receive my final grades?

A / Faculty will report their final grades by May 25th and you will receive a grade report directly from our North American Office about a month later. Your home university will also receive a grade report. If you requested a Pass/Fail for one or more of your courses, it will show up as such on your report.

Q / What should I do with my textbooks at the end of the semester? 

A / While we had initially asked you to return your textbooks to our North American Office in Minnesota, please hold on to them for now and await further instructions.

Q / Will DIS reimburse me for any portion of my overall DIS fees? 

A / DIS will be refunding a total of $2,000 as a portion of your Housing and Student Affairs fee. We will be in touch with you directly, or your home institution (if they paid your fees to DIS on your behalf), and we expect to process refunds within three weeks after we have received all necessary information.

Please look out for an email from the DIS Finance Team if you have paid your fees directly to us.

If your home institution paid your DIS Housing & Student Affairs fee on your behalf, contact your Study Abroad Office to learn how the refund will be handled.

Q / Other than keeping up with my remote learning courses, is there anything I still need to do?

A / Here is what you may still need to do, related to your departure:

  • If you signed up for a Tele2 SIM card with DIS, your SIM card will be deactivated automatically by mid-April. Until then, make sure that you have removed the card from your phone in order to avoid roaming charges. In May you will be charged with any extra charges you accumulated during the time your Tele2 card was active. More info will be sent out to you in April/May when we get the final invoice from Tele2. If you have any questions, please email studentaffairs@disstockholm.se
  • Cancel any memberships that you signed up for while in Sweden. If not canceled, you run the risk of being invoiced for accrued charges
  • If you signed up for a SATS Gym Membership via DIS:  We are currently in contact with SATS to find out more about a possible refund for those who signed up for a SATS gym membership at DIS. We will be in touch with you once we know more

Q / Can I get financial support for my rebooked flight home?

If you airline did not allow you to change your flight at no cost, DIS will cover up to $300 in fees related to flight change and newly booked fights. To request this refund, please send an email to refund@dis.dk with your student ID number and name in the subject line.

The email must include your bank information:

  • Beneficiary Name:
  • Account Number:
  • Bank Routing Number or SWIFT Code:

Please attach receipt documentation for the change fee or new booking fare claimed.

We expect to refund the amount to you within three weeks after we have received all the necessary information from you. If you have already sent DIS an email in the past week about your flight change fees, we have forwarded this to our Finance Team already and they should have already been in touch with you to continue the correspondence and refund process.

Q / Will DIS reimburse me for the independent travels I’ve had to cancel?

A / No, unfortunately, we cannot reimburse you for any independent/personal travel costs. We recommend checking with your airline regarding refunds or credits they are offering in light of the COVID-19 situation; it may also be possible to change your destination, and given the circumstances, some airlines are waiving change fees to do so. You could also check with the credit card you used to book your trip, in case they offer travel insurance.

Q / Can I still file an insurance claim?

A / You can still make an insurance claim as long as it is related to an occurrence that was before March 19th. We strongly encourage you to file as soon as possible. Follow our instructions on how to file an insurance claim.

Q / Will DIS fine me for missing keys and lack of cleaning in my housing site?

A / We know many of you had to leave your housing sites in a rush, and have therefore decided to waive fees for missing keys and lack of cleaning.

If you took your keys to your housing or locker at DIS home with you, please mail those to us at the following address:

DIS Stockholm
Mattias Tholén
Melodislingan 21
11551 Stockholm

Q / What happens to items left behind in my housing site?

A / We have been busy emptying housing sites. We cannot return any items accidentally left behind.

However, know that most of your left items have gone to some great causes at Stockholm’s Stadsmission!

Q / What about library books that were left behind?

A / Books have been picked up and delivered back to the DIS Library. We will waive any fines associated with DIS library books. Books belonging to libraries other than DIS will be returned on your behalf. But DIS is not liable for any fees incurred.

Q / What is the policy on left packages or mail?

A / We will still be able to forward parcels that have been addressed to your housing at DIS Stockholm. Please make sure to notify us at housing@disstockholm.se if you were expecting a parcel.

Q / What do I do with my food stipend purchase card or transportation card?

A / If you had an ICA card or SL card and took it home with you, don’t worry – you do not need to mail it back to us.

Q / What mental health resources are available to me?

A / If you have been receiving on-going therapy while in Scandinavia, your continuation of care is important. Here are some suggestions that might be available to you once you return home:

  • Contact your home school’s health center to see what support is available
  • Your parent(s) may have an Employee Assistance Program (EAP) through their employer that offers mental health therapy to dependents
  • If you are privately insured, go to the health plan’s website or call the number on your insurance card for information on coverage and in-network providers
  • For those who can no longer receive support services at their school and are not independently insured, you can search for options in your community that offer free and/or a sliding-fee (income-based) scale for services, such as local social service agencies or community-based healthcare centers. Psychology Today is also a great resource to locate a therapist by zip code or city; many providers (including private practice) offer a sliding-fee scale to those who qualify, just call and ask!

For international students who are back in their home country: You can check with your university health services office to see what supports are available, find a therapist by country on International Therapist Directory, or find support for emotional distress at Befrienders Worldwide.

We also suggest the following crisis resources:

  • National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI): Free 24/7 Crisis help. Text NAMI to 741741
  • Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration’s (SAMHSA’s) Disaster Distress Helpline: 1-800-985-5990 or text TalkWithUs to 66746
  • Befrienders Worldwide (international students)