SwedenCore Course Week Study Tour | Future Studies Program

Required Course(s)
Global Innovators: Navigating the Gig Economy
Fall/Spring semester

Core Course Week, including the short Study Tour, enhances the curriculum by taking a deep dive into the vibrant Swedish gig scene through meetings with different stakeholders such as local entrepreneurs, freelance contractors, networking platforms, human resource professionals, labor market researchers, and labor market institutions. You experience and analyze the Swedish gig economy based on different stakeholder perspectives, and gain first-hand insights into the skills and mindsets required to navigate in the future workplace.

The Core Course Week program is supplemented with visits and activities to help you gain a more well-rounded understanding of the communities in which you study. Some activities include touring museums, visiting historic sites, and sampling traditional Swedish cuisine.

Tour Objectives

  • Explore the Swedish gig ecosystem though first-hand meetings with different stakeholders to gain insights from their different perspectives
  • Reflect on the implications of the Swedish gig economy in terms of opportunities and challenges of different stakeholders, including skills and mindsets required to navigate such an economy
  • Engage in informed discussions on the perspectives of the Swedish gig economy and how it shapes the workplace and career paths of the future

Possible Activities

  • Spend half a day shadowing crowdworking programmers, local entrepreneurs, and freelance contractors to learn first-hand from their experiences working in the gig economy, including opportunities, challenges and required key skills
  • Meet with human resource professionals in global companies to learn about their future strategies for attracting and retaining talent to stay competitive, including what types of talents and skills they are looking for
  • Meet with officials at labor market organizations such as the Ministry of Employment and Swedish labor unions to learn about how they prepare and adapt to this new landscape