Paris (Spring)Week-Long Study Tour | Biomedicine Program

Required Course(s)
Translational Medicine: The Power of Biomedical Research
Spring semester

Note: This new Study Tour starts in spring 2021.

The week-long Study Tour is designed to expose you to different aspects of translational medicine and illustrate the importance of interdisciplinary and international collaborations. You benefit from substantial experiential learning through lectures about the state of the art within the field, close interactions with experts within translational medicine, visits to laboratories and institutions where biomedical researchers are taking clear steps towards obtaining an understanding of disease mechanisms, or developing innovative therapies/diagnostic technologies. In addition, the Study Tour program incorporates relevant cultural visits and social events to help you learn about and engage with French culture.

Tour Objectives

  • Broaden your perspectives on possibilities and challenges that arise from research and its application in translational medicine
  • Observe the process of translational research by visiting research and clinical scientists at biomedical research institutions
  • Compare Sweden, the U.S., and France in regards to translational medicine research

Possible Activities

  • Visit the Pasteur Institute, which focuses on prevention and treatment of infectious diseases
  • Visit Curie Institute, a research center which favors multidisciplinary research to address different facets of cancer
  • Visit UPMC Sorbonne, a multidisciplinary, research-intensive academic institution
  • Visit Paris Sud University, which has a leading role in fundamental, clinical and translational research in areas such as oncology, immunology, and biotherapy
  • Visit Keyrus Biopharma, a clinical research organization, and leader in the management of clinical trials