SwedenDIScovery Trip

Required Course(s)

Note: This Study Tour will last run in spring 2020.

Core Course Week, including short study tour, provides you with the opportunity to explore translational research approaches within Sweden, while furthering your understanding of the importance of multidisciplinary methodologies in the design and development of novel therapeutics and diagnostics. You will witness cutting-edge biomedical research by leaders in the field. By meeting with research and clinical scientists, visiting with various research institutions, and discussing translational medicine projects with Swedish university researchers, you will see how theories presented in the classroom connect with practices in the field.

Tour Objectives

  • Broaden your perspectives of the possibilities and challenges that arise from research and its applications in translational medicine
  • Further understand how research translates into diagnostics, medicine, and treatment
  • Examine how Swedish biomedical institutions are organized to facilitate translational research

Possible Activities

  • Listen to a presentation and take a tour of Q-linea, a biotech company based in Uppsala, Sweden
  • Discuss with researchers and clinicians at Linköping University in departments such as the Department of Medical Health and Sciences (IMH), Division of Drug Research (LÄFO), and Department of Clinical and Experimental Medicine Clinical Chemistry
  • Disocver the university cities of Uppsala and Linköping