LisbonWeek-Long Study Tour | Future Studies Program

Required Course(s)
Global Innovators: Navigating the Gig Economy
Fall/Spring semester

This week-long Study Tour to Lisbon offers the opportunity to explore the gig ecosystem in Portugal. The Portuguese economy is doing well, and some of the world’s largest companies are opening up new technology focused hubs in Portugal. Lisbon, the capital of Portugal, has been experiencing a steadily increasing influx of freelance contract workers from all over the world – possibly attracted by the nice climate and tax benefits. We will meet with different stakeholders to gain their perspectives on the thriving gig scene in Lisbon.

Tour Objectives

  • Explore the gig scene in Lisbon though first-hand meetings with different stakeholders to gain insights from their different perspectives on the future labor market, and the skills required to navigate it
  • Reflect on similarities and differences in the experienced gig ecosystems in Portugal and in Sweden in terms of opportunities and challenges of different stakeholders, as well as the skills needed in term of cultural adaptability
  • Engage in discussions on how business culture is changing to adapt to the new landscape in the market for talent, how this may shape future workplaces, and the required skills and mindsets of the future

Possible Activities

  • Meet with freelance contractors from the digital nomad community to learn first-hand from their experiences working in the gig economy, including opportunities, challenges, and key skills required to navigate the gig economy and adjust to working in new culture and country
  • Meet with people representing crowdworking platforms and co-working spaces to learn more about the network supporting the digital nomad community and other freelance workers in Lisbon
  • Meet with human resource professionals to learn how they are changing their business culture and strategies to attract and retain talent