DIS Transportation Pass

DIS Transportation Pass, DIS Stockholm

DIS provides transportation passes to students living in DIS housing. Your transportation pass entitles you to travel within the given zones and dates with the transportation companies in the Greater Stockholm area. Transportation passes are valid for the T-bana, commuter trains, regional trains, buses, trams, and ferries, as long as you are within the appropriate zone.

What is the Transportation Pass used for?

The transportation pass covers transportation between your housing and DIS, as well as any travel throughout the Greater Stockholm area. Your pass is valid for 90 consecutive days after first use. The week before your pass runs out, you will be able to pick up a new travel pass at the DIS Front Desk. This second travel pass will cover you for another 30 days.

Important: The transportation pass does not cover your travel to and from the airport, unless your housing is located in this area.

Important to Remember – Keep Track Of Your Pass

  • Protect your pass as you would cash and your passport – they are worth a lot!
  • If you lose or have your transportation pass stolen, start the process of replacing it by going to the DIS Housing & Student Affairs Department to get information on your next steps. A replacement pass is free, but can take up to five business days to receive, during which you will have to cover the cost of your own travel
  • While traveling in other cities, consider leaving your pass at home

How do I get a replacement pass if mine is lost or stolen?

  1. Email frontdesk@disstockholm.se with your full name and specify if your pass has been lost or stolen
  2. The DIS Front Desk will order a new travel pass
  3. Once the pass has arrived, you will receive an email from the Front Desk notifying that it is ready to be picked up