Visiting a Doctor While Abroad

Health and Safety in Stockholm

As a student at DIS Stockholm, visits to the doctor, hospitalization, prescriptions, and prescribed medicine are covered by the DIS comprehensive health insurance. Read more on our Insurance Information page.

Visiting a Doctor

Because you are in Sweden for less than a year, you will not receive access to the Swedish national health insurance system. Therefore, if you visit a doctor, expect to pay a general visiting fee of 1,800 SEK out of pocket, but know that you will be reimbursed. You can visit any doctor while in Sweden, however below are three options for booking a visit – some with pre-paid options. Note that inclusion in this list does not indicate endorsement, as DIS has not done a formal review of these providers.

Dr. Daria M. Eriksson, M.D.
Dr. Eriksson frequently sees Americans and comes highly recommended by other Americans. She is a GP and also offers referrals on gynecological services.

  • Location:
    To Care City – Husläkarmottagning
    Karlavägen 58, 4th fl (cross street Sibyllegatan)
    114 49 StockholmThis office is close to DIS.
  • How to Book: To make an appointment, contact ERC Alarm Center at +45 70109030. Euro Center sends an approval and referral to Dr. Daria Eriksson, along with a Guarantee of Payment. You then book an appointment on Dr. Eriksson’s website here.
  • Billing Info: If you have followed all of the above steps, the insurance will cover the visit automatically and you will not have to pay out of pocket

CityAkuten Clinic
CityAkuten is a larger clinic with the advantage that you can notify the insurance company of your visit prior to going, therefore they pay ahead for your visit.

  • Location: The office is located downtown – find all location information about CityAkuten here
  • How to Book:
    – Call the clinic: 010-6010311 (From abroad, +46106010311)
    – A nurse will answer the phone, ask you for your name, and the medical issue you are experiencing
    – You will be assigned an appointment as well as a registration number
    – Inform the insurance via email that you have made an appointment and include your name, date of birth, phone number, and the policy number sent out by DIS.
    – For your visit, bring the assigned registration number, a photo ID and your DIS Insurance Card
  • Billing Info: If you have followed all of the above steps, the insurance will cover the visit automatically and you will not have to pay out of pocket

Sophiahemmet Sjukhus
Sophiahemmet Sjukhus is a large clinic with GPs and nurses on staff with the advantage that Europæiske ERV books your appointment for you, therefore pays ahead for your visit. 

  • Location: The office is located near DIS at:
    Valhallavägen 91
    114 86 Stockholm
  • How to Book:
    – Notify Europæiske ERV Assistance: 24/7 emergency phone number:  Tlf. +45 7010 9030 or email: 
    – Have the following information ready at the time of your call: Name, DOB, phone-number, and policy number sent out by DIS. Inform Europæiske ERV Assistance about the problem and what’s wrong and when you would like an appointment
    – Europæiske ERV Alarm verifies the policy and evaluates the case and will contact Sophiahemmet to arrange an appointment and will place a guarantee of payment
    – When the appointment has been arranged  Europæiske ERV Assistance will inform you with your appointment details
  • Billing Info: If you have followed all of the above steps, Europæiske ERV will cover the visit automatically and you will not have to pay out of pocket

The Swedish Pharmacy

In Sweden, a pharmacy is called apoteket, and is typically open Monday through Friday, around 9:00-19:00. When entering an apoteket, take a number and wait to be called. There will be pharmacists working behind the counter who will listen to your needs and make a recommendation. There is not a wide variety of over-the-counter drugs in Sweden, so they may tell you that you need a doctor’s prescription before they can sell you medicine.

Recommended 24-Hour Pharmacy in Stockholm:

Apoteket C W Scheele
Klarabergsgatan 64
111 81 Stockholm
Phone: +46 77 145 04 50

Dentists in Sweden

DIS does not reimburse fees for any dental care and dentist visits are not covered by Europæiske Insurance.

Dental visits must be paid in full beforehand. If you wish to go to the dentist, we suggest asking your Swedish Homestay, roommate, or friends for local recommendations.

If you are looking for a dentist that handles emergency care, find contact information listed by the U.S. Embassy at the bottom of this page.