Food Stipend Purchase Card

What is the Purchase Card?

The Purchase Card is meant to assist you with food and living expenses, but not intended to cover them fully. You will not be reimbursed for any unused balance at the end of the semester, so we recommend you use the card from day one of your semester.

Where can the Purchase Card be used?

The card can be used at any ICA store (a grocery store chain) in Sweden.

How do I use the Stipend Card?

  1. Give the card to the cashier upon checkout
  2. Two receipts will be printed: one for you, and one for the cashier
  3. The amount paid is automatically deducted from your stipend card

How do I keep track of the balance on my Stipend Card?

Ask the cashier at ICA (or read your receipt) to find out the balance remaining.

Your card will be rejected at checkout when there are insufficient funds to make the purchase, and you will then have to pay for the purchase.

What happens if I lose my Stipend Card?

This card is essentially cash. It cannot be replaced, and if lost, DIS, unfortunately, cannot buy you a new one.

Because there is no identity check on the stipend card, it can be used by anyone. Be sure to know where it is at all times; keep it with other debit and/or credit cards.