Stockholm’s Communities of Color

Students of Ethnic Diversity at DIS Stockholm

Thirty-one percent of Stockholm’s population has a foreign background, and the country’s demographics continue to shift as more immigrants, expatriates, and asylum seekers call Sweden their home.

As a non-Swede in Sweden, you will represent a population of minorities. Expect to be challenged as an American or minority abroad. When you find yourself out of your comfort zone in a conversation, try explaining your own perspective or cultural norms patiently.

Generally, Swedes are known as open-minded people who love learning about others and broadening their own horizons. Keep this in mind, and you’ll have opportunities to engage in enlightening conversations and share an intercultural exchange.

Resources: Stockholm’s African American Community

As an African American, you may be mistaken for being African. However, once you communicate the distinction, you will often first be perceived as an American and then as a person who is black. This could be a contrast to the way you are received in the U.S., given the role of race relations in American society.

Beauty Boutiques: DIS has received feedback on how the dryness of air and harder water in Scandinavia makes African American hair dry out easily. There are multiple beauty boutiques in Stockholm that carry hair care products catered to African American hair:

Resources: Stockholm’s Latino Community

There is a thriving Latino community in Sweden, comprised of both first and second generation Latinos. Stockholm offers opportunities to get involved and speak Spanish through various expatriate groups.

Resources for Stockholm’s Latino Community: