LGBTQ Students

LGBTQ Students, DIS Stockholm

Stockholm: An Open and Progressive Scandinavian Capital

Sweden prides itself on being one of the most gay-friendly countries in the world. From the Stockholm Pride parade to organized events throughout the city, there is a strong sense of acceptance in Stockholm. In recent years, Sweden has taken legal steps to ensure the same rights for the LGBTQ community as everyone else.

LGBTQ Resources

  • RFSL: The Swedish Federation for LGBTQ Rights. The organization has opportunities for local involvement and also has a youth federation.
  • FPES: The Full Personal Expression Sweden is an organization for the transgender community.
  • The magazine for the LGBTQ community in Sweden
  • Stockholm Pride: The organization behind the Pride festival held every year in late July or early August.
  • Egalia: A meeting space for LGBTQ individuals between 13-19 years.