Diversity Resources

Diversity Resources

Diversity at DIS

DIS is an inclusive, pluralistic, and diverse study abroad institution that aims to create a learning experience and environment where everyone can reach their full potential, and build skills to navigate in the globalized world. Our student body, faculty members, and staff are all diverse in perspectives, backgrounds, nationalities, ethnicities, and skills, which is integral to our overall goal of academic excellence.

Stockholm: Where Originality is Embraced

Sweden is traditionally a homogenous country, but the society today is shifting to include and acclimate a growing population of young international students and expats. Stockholm as a city has always been progressive, and is an urban environment that encourages both individual expression and forward thinking. The prevalence of ethnic and sexual communities in the city also fosters ways to connect with others.

Read through this section on diversity, to get to know how you can get involved in the Stockholm’s many communities while studying at DIS!