Spring 2021: Program Study Tours

Your semester at DIS Stockholm includes two inspiring Study Tours within Sweden. During these, you investigate your course topics first-hand, engage with the local culture, connect with your Core Course, and truly understand Scandinavian perspectives.

Discover the wild beauty of Sweden

There are so many amazing and unusual places, traditions, and quirks to discover across Sweden. Your Study Tours let you experience the many local variations that make Sweden so diverse.

In Sweden, the unique democratic concept of allemansrätten gives you the right to roam free in nature as part of your new discoveries. From Stockholm, there is easy access to a vast archipelago with 30,000 islands stretching far into the Baltic Sea. A night train ride away is the Swedish north, Europe’s last remaining wilderness region, beautifully illuminated by the midnight sun in the summer and the northern lights in the winter.

Famous for its progressive stance on equality and human rights, Sweden is one of the most modern countries in the world. On Study Tour, you will experience how personal initiative and independent thinking is encouraged across all aspects of life, adding new layers to your knowledge and experience.

It felt really liberating to get away from the city because it reminded me that Sweden is not just colorful architecture and progressive public policy, the wilderness in this country is breathtaking.
Benton, Tulane University

When learning comes to life

While on tour, you meet with professionals and experts in your field who contribute to your understanding of course topics.

Study Tours are hands-on and experiential, and expose you to additional cultural perspectives in other parts of Sweden, outside of the capital. You have the opportunity to visit sites and experts in your field of interest that you could not otherwise access.

You embark on two Study Tours:

Short Study Tour

Early in the semester, you take part in Core Course Week, where the focus is only on your Core Course. This week, which is divided into Part 1 and Part 2, brings plenty of opportunities to get to know your fellow students, faculty, and get familiar with your course topics and their complexities. The short Study Tour in Part 2 of Core Course Week brings you outside of Stockholm and lets you experience a new part of the country.

This was such a fun week. It took a while to get used to not having “normal” classes but I liked having such an intense focus on one class. Not only were we able to delve deep into the material but we were also able to get to know our classmates better outside of the classroom.
Landers, Bucknell University

Week-Long Study Tour

At the time of your Week-Long Study Tour, you will be more familiar with the content of the course and ready to add more layers to your knowledge. Now is the time to investigate intriguing topics even further! On the Week-Long Study Tour, you travel to a new destination in Sweden to gain new perspectives, visit inspiring sites, reflect on what you have learned, and create life-long memories.