Spring 2021: Live Local, Think Global

This spring, your semester in Stockholm will be full of new connections, knowledge, and experiences. Here’s what we’re looking forward to sharing with you.

Make Stockholm your home

Stockholm is a strikingly beautiful capital that’s brimming with lively culture, ahead-of-its-time design, and friendly people. To live locally, lean into the little moments of your daily life and unplug. Read more about what makes Stockholm so special.

Understand Scandinavian approaches to global issues

During the semester, you’ll spend valuable time outside of the classroom to add layers to your understanding of course topics. While on Field Studies in Stockholm, you meet with local experts and professionals.

Travel with your Core Course within Sweden

Your Core Course includes two inspiring Study Tours in Sweden that let you build on your knowledge and truly understand Scandinavian perspectives. Learn about Study Tours this spring.

Debate, discuss, and foster friendships with classmates

At DIS Stockholm, you will join ambitious students who are just as eager and ready to learn as you. We’ve had to adjust in so many ways this year, though your love of learning and thirst for culture remains unchanged.

“This will be your semester to figure something out, to be open to what is new, to grow.” – Shelby, Barnard College

Learn in a safe environment

We will all be a part of creating safe learning and living spaces together. Here are a few noteworthy items:

  • We’ll maintain physical distance while learning together at DIS by sitting (or walking, biking, exploring) at least one meter apart
  • Your Study Tours will take place in Sweden to limit the risk of last-minute European border policy restrictions and you getting stuck without DIS being able to support you
  • We’ll give you recommendations to explore Sweden far and wide, since independent international travel won’t be allowed. We’ve got to keep your exposure as low as possible, as well as the rest of the DIS community

Do you have more questions about local public health guidelines or how we’re preparing for next semester? We’ve probably answered them – check out our COVID-19 Frequently Asked Questions page where we dive into the details.