Spring 2017 Semester

DIS Stockholm and DIS Copenhagen

If you are planning to study with us in the spring semester of 2017, we have a special semester layout awaiting you—three months in Stockholm, and one month in Copenhagen!

Three Months Stockholm

In spring 2017, we will be hosting your DIS semester in two locations. The DIS model stays the same in that you will chose from the following DIS Stockholm options:

  1. A program core course with its two course-integrated study tours
  2. Elective courses and Optional Study Tours
  3. Housing from our diverse options
  4. Ways to meet the Swedes and engage with the local culture
  5. DIScovery Trips that you can add over weekends and breaks

One Month Copenhagen

You will spend your last month in Copenhagen* continuing the studies you started in Stockholm. During that time, DIS will provide a seamless transition between the two cities. Upon arrival to Copenhagen, DIS covers:

  • An Arrival Workshop in Copenhagen—organized by DIS—from your ticket to Copenhagen, your transfers to/from the airport, to an introduction to all that Copenhagen has to offer you for your final month of your semester
  • Your final weeks of classes, finals, and exhibitions will be based at our DIS Copenhagen location, but with your faculty from Stockholm
  • Housing in Copenhagen with other DIS Stockholm students (If you lived in our Living & Learning Community or Residential Community options when in Stockholm, you will be housed in a shared apartment in Copenhagen. If you lived with a homestay in Stockholm, you will have the choice** if you wish to live with a homestay or a shared apartment in Copenhagen.)

For more information about where you will be—and when—in this semester, see the spring 2017 calendar here.

*This special semester layout is due to current visa restrictions in Sweden. Students studying with DIS in Stockholm in fall 2016 and spring 2017 will therefore have this special semester layout in two locations that will include a student visa application for your time in Copenhagen. We anticipate that we will deliver the entire fall 2017 semester in Stockholm.

**If your home school requires you to live in a homestay during your time abroad, you will automatically be assigned a homestay in Copenhagen.