Career Connection Homestay

Homestay FAQs

Connect with locals while developing new perspectives on your future career

This unique housing option has the fundamental elements of living in a Homestay, but with an added focus on sharing and exploring your career aspirations and professional development with your host.

In your Career Connection Homestay, you will be matched with a host in the greater Stockholm area and live in their home. With this housing option, there is an added focus on networking and professional development. Hosts in the Career Connection Homestay will take you to visit their workplace, can act as a mentor for your future career ideas, and share insights from their own work experiences.

Career Connection Homestay Highlights

  • Networking and Interpersonal Skills
    You will gain a lasting connection to your host and will be a part of the DIS-run Career Connection Homestay Network. By gathering regularly with other students in the network, you will have a broader reach to like-minded students as well as other professionals in your field of interest
  • Professional Development & Build Your Resume with Cross-Cultural Experiences
    Gain knowledge about Swedish work culture through at least one visit to your host’s workplace. DIS will also hold various career events throughout the semester to help you build your local network and polish your resume to increase future job prospects. At the end of the semester, you will receive a diploma testifying to the intercultural and interpersonal skills achieved through your Career Connection Homestay experience
  • Personal Growth
    From conversations over the dinner table with your host, to reflecting on learning moments with your fellow Career Connection Homestay Network students, you will continue to develop your professional goals with new perspectives on your future career
  • Create Unique Cultural Experiences
    Living with a host who is committed to you and your experience provides you with a support network outside of DIS, as well as an opportunity for intercultural exchange

Who Are the Hosts?

Career Connection hosts come from a variety of professional backgrounds including business and entrepreneurship, science and health, education, design, and the arts. They are interested in sharing their professional experiences, industry knowledge as well as insights into work life in Sweden, and want to help facilitate your interactions with the local professional community in a meaningful way. They can act as mentors to you, but are also interested in your perspective, as someone coming from another country. You will therefore seek to find a balance when settling into their household between spending time with them and being independent and cooking on your own.

In the Career Connection Homestay, the hosts are diverse beyond their career choice as well. You might be matched with a family with children, single parents, couples, LGBTQ+ households, families of various ethnicities, etc. who have all been visited and approved by DIS staff.

Student Profile

You do not need a specific major or academic background to apply for this option – just a sincere interest in learning about different career paths in an international setting.
This housing option is right for you if you are willing to:

  • Put in extra time and effort beyond your academic work to be an active participant during the career and social activities with your hosts and fellow students in the network
  • Balance spending time with your hosts, hanging out with friends, and participating in events hosted by DIS for you and other students living in Career Connection Homestays
  • Live in a private house or apartment in the metropolitan area
  • Commute from home to DIS using the many choices of public transportation available in Stockholm
  • Have your own room or share an adequately sized room with another DIS student
  • Share some dinners with your host but also manage most of your own grocery shopping and cooking. Career Connection hosts are often busy professionals, so they might not be home every night to cook dinner. You will therefore receive a food stipend to help with your groceries
  • Prepare your own breakfast and packed lunch
  • Share a bathroom with other members of the household
  • Help with household chores and share cleaning responsibilities for your own room, as well as common areas such as the kitchen, bathroom, and living room

What This Housing Option Provides

To find out what is included in each housing option, go to Comprehensive Housing and Student Affairs Inclusions.

Application Information

You will submit your housing preferences during the registration process.

As part of your housing application, you must write a letter to your potential hosts. In addition to introducing yourself to a potential host, this letter is also an important tool used to match you with the most compatible Career Connection Homestay, so be as honest and detailed as possible.

Read more about the DIS Housing Placement Process

As with all DIS housing options, we cannot guarantee placement in the Career Connection Homestay for all applicants.