Terrorism & Security

How are security threats defined and responded to in a changing Europe? Explore the complexity of European security and intelligence dilemmas.

Program Highlights

  • Meet with academic and military experts, as well as politicians to discuss how current incidents and events are framed in a security discourse
  • Participate in a simulation game as a European decision maker, and gain hands-on knowledge in interpreting complex intelligence as you formulate responses to acute security threats
  • Travel with your class and faculty on course-integrated study tours to gain in-depth knowledge by meeting with security analysts and policymakers

Student Profile

This program is right for you if you study international relations, political science, global studies, or are interested in understanding how a changing Europe responds to a wide range of security threats.

Sweden provides an ideal environment for exploring the security challenges confronting modern Europe, given its deep commitment to consensus politics, 100 years of neutrality, the emergent threat of cyberwarfare, and other factors that reveal the vulnerability of the free and democratic society.”
– Steve Turner
DIS faculty member

Core Courses