International Relations

Explore the complexity of European security and intelligence dilemmas by studying the relations between stakeholders and how security threats are defined and responded to in a changing Europe.

Program Highlights

  • Meet with experts and decision makers to discuss how current incidents and events are framed in a security discourse
  • Participate in a simulation game as a European diplomat, and gain hands-on knowledge of the reliability of intelligence by negotiating possible responses to security threats
  • Travel with your class and faculty on course-integrated study tours, and hear perspectives from security analysts and diplomats on the impact of historic and current events

Student Profile

This program is right for you if you study international relations, political science, global studies, or are interested in understanding the new security threats of a changing Europe.

Sweden is an interesting place to study international relations. As the birthplace of the Nobel Prize, Sweden maintained its status of neutrality even during WWII and became a safe haven for anti-fascist and Jewish refugees. Yet at the same time, Sweden allowed the Nazi regime to use its railways to transport soldiers and weapons – and even today, it is one of the biggest weapon exporters in the world.”
– Helle Rytkønen, Ph.D.
DIS Academic Director

Core Courses