Tumor Biology and OncologySemester Course

Tumor Biology and Oncology, elective course at DIS Stockholm
Major Discipline(s)
Biology, Pre-Medicine / Health Science
Elective Course
Fall/Spring semester

This course provides you with insight into the molecular and cellular events involved in tumor formation, progression, and metastasis. You learn about the clinical aspects of different types of cancer, diagnostic procedures and the specific therapies (surgery and various oncological treatments). Examples of molecular, genetic and other biological events related to cancer etiology, symptoms and targets for cancer therapy are given in addition to other clinical aspects. Related topics are presented, such as cancer research methodology and its strengths and limitations, psychosocial perspectives of cancer diagnosis and palliative oncology and supportive care. Emphasis is on the correlation between the molecular basis of cancer and its clinical implications.


Magnus Bäcklund

DIS Stockholm Semester Faculty

Senior consultant at Christinakliniken in Stockholm (Sophiahemmet Hospital) and Senior researcher at Karolinska institutet. Trained M.D. and Oncologist from Karolinska with a PhD in Experimental Pathology on brain tumors. MBA from Stockholm School of Economics. With DIS since 2016.

Magnus Bäcklund, DIS Stockholm faculty