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Psychology of Leadership

DIS Copenhagen Semester  /copenhagen/courses/psychology-of-leadership/

This course examines the psychological and social processes that characterize effective leadership, including the qualities of leaders, psychological exchanges between leaders and followers, and the situations that make some people better leaders than others. Leadership is…


DIS Copenhagen Semester  /copenhagen/study-tours/london-oslo/

This week-long Study Tour will start in Oslo by examining right-wing terrorism and understanding how Norwegian responses to Anders Behring Breivik’s attack varied entirely when compared to how the U.S. and Americans reacted to 9/11. In…

Research Assistant: Health Technology, Brain Plasticity, Epilepsy, and Electroencephalography

DIS Copenhagen Semester  /copenhagen/courses/research-assistant-health-technology-brain-plasticity-epilepsy-and-electroencephalography/

The research in Troels Kjær’s department focuses on health technology, brain plasticity, epilepsy, and electroencephalography. Three Distinct Research Assistant Roles Several types of Research Assistantships are offered depending on your background. You will either have the opportunity…