You’re invited on a semester like no other

At DIS, study abroad means more than sitting in a classroom in another country. Whether in Stockholm or Copenhagen, the city, the country, and Europe itself become your classrooms.

Travel with your professor and classmates on faculty-led study tours in Europe, make your home in one of two Scandinavian capitals, and discover something new about yourself along the way.

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“Studying abroad is one of the first times in your life when you truly get to be independent. From your classes to your housing, you are among professors, advisors, and peers who are helping you grow confident in your new environment. Your sense of self and your place in the world seems to shift beyond the limits you’ve previously known.”

Kat, Denison University

Read Kat’s Letter to Future Students here.

What are current DIS students doing?

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Why even study abroad?

Experience the world not as a daytripper, a backpacker, or a tourist, but as a student

When you study abroad, you get to truly see and embrace how other cultures really live, work, eat, and play.

Find joy in this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to be a student in another country and broaden your understanding of the world.




Build professional skills for a future career

Join a research lab, practicum site, or studio class for the chance to learn hands-on skills that will apply directly to future careers.

Your teachers will be experts in the field, not just academically, but professionally, giving you a unique and contemporary look at your industry and potential career.


Establish an international network and join the community of study abroad

Integrate yourself within a local community and build your network in a new country – you’ll create relationships that last a lifetime.

From your roommates in housing or your homestay hosts, to community and academic advisors to your fellow study abroad students, you’ll be part of a welcoming and supportive community.



Embrace the challenge and discover more about yourself than you thought possible…

Studying abroad forces you to grow, learn new things about yourself, and return home with new experiences and perspectives.

“You will encounter struggles. You will overcome them. And each time you will surprise yourself with your own resilience.” – Watch Blue’s Video Letter to Future Students here.


“I can guarantee that you won’t regret studying abroad in Scandinavia—there’s so much to learn and experience. Some days may be tough, but with an open heart and mind anything is possible.”

Astrid, Carleton College

Read Astrid’s Letter on Stepping Into the Unknown here.

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