Why study engineering in Scandinavia with DIS?

Step ahead of the curve and get access to the latest advancements in engineering at DIS Stockholm. Our multidisciplinary courses give you hands-on experience with biomedical technologies and sustainable infrastructure. Visit world-renowned universities and labs, learn from dedicated professors who are experts in their fields, and work with engineers on the forefront of change.

Study engineering abroad in Stockholm

Engaging engineering core courses + your choice of electives

Enhance your major with engineering core courses that will deepen your understanding of the field. Transfer both the knowledge you gain and your credits back home.

Have the freedom to explore other academic areas and interests with a range of electives. Always wanted to do film studies or forensic psychology? Or learn about Swedish culture while you’re in Sweden? Here’s your chance.


Step outside of the classroom and get up close and personal with your learning

At DIS, learning is immersive and experiential. That means you’ll be visiting local universities, companies and labs (think hydrogel, tissue printing and more), as well as working with cutting-edge technology.

Hands-on learning
Study engineering abroad in Stockholm

Learn from brilliant faculty who teach what they do

Our faculty are experts in the field because they work in it. Gain a unique perspective from them and discover how you can apply your knowledge to the real-world and career possibilities.

“DIS Engineering has been a great experience for me. The classes are well taught by brilliant professors, and the field studies have shown me just how applicable engineering is to everyday life. I would highly recommend DIS if you are looking to learn about how you can apply what you have learned in your college career thus far. ”

Ryn, Lehigh University
What are the benefits of studying engineering abroad?
Sweden is a global leader in technical innovation and sustainability, and Stockholm has been named the smartest city in the word because of its forward-thinking and innovative solutions. As an engineering student at DIS Stockholm, you have ample opportunity to tap into cutting-edge engineering developments in Stockholm and the broader Nordic region through classes, Field Studies, and course-integrated Study Tours. This knowledge gives you new perspectives and knowledge that will benefit your academic career and set you apart.
What engineering courses are available?
DIS offers two signature Core Courses in engineering as well as a number of elective courses. The two multidisciplinary Core Courses are Biomedical Engineering in Scandinavia and Engineering Sustainable Environments in Scandinavia.

Find an overview of all engineering courses here.
Who are the faculty?
All DIS engineering faculty have PhDs from renowned institutions. They have a deep understanding of the topics they cover and are able to tailor their teaching to students’ interests because of the small class sizes. All DIS faculty divide their time between teaching at DIS and working or doing research at prestigious Swedish universities such at KTH Royal Institute of Technology or the Karolinska Institute, which is responsible for awarding the Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine.
Who can apply to engineering courses?
The DIS engineering courses are very interdisciplinary with a curriculum that is relevant to students from all engineering backgrounds, as well as background in related academic fields. Find the prerequisites for applying to the DIS engineering Core Courses below. Please note that for students applying from institutions that do not offer the courses listed in the prerequisites, DIS encourages you to reach out to us directly to discuss how we can help make your engineering semester abroad a reality.

Prerequisites for Biomedical Engineering in Scandinavia and Engineering Sustainable Environments in Scandinavia:

Two courses in math, four courses in basic science (biology, chemistry, physics), and one engineering course, all at university level.

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How do I apply?
The DIS application process varies by university and, in some cases, by the term and program of study. We are here to walk you through the process, it’s easy!

Get started at any time.
Are there scholarships?
We understand that study abroad can be an expensive endeavor, and we are here to help alleviate financial barriers in order to make this experience a reality for you. DIS offers need and merit-based awards and is committed to supporting students with limited financial resources, from diverse backgrounds, and/or underrepresented populations in study abroad. On average, over 50% of all students receive financial support from DIS.

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