COVID-19 Planning at a Glance

This chart provides an overview of current conditions and DIS approaches to the COVID-19 pandemic. DIS carefully monitors the situation and updates this chart frequently.

Any further modifications will be based on COVID-19 developments in Scandinavia and across Europe in the coming months.

DIS does not have a go/no-go date; we will not cancel due to low enrollment, only in the event that local restrictions or border policies prevent us from welcoming students to Scandinavia.

Should COVID-19 require us to adjust our plans, we’re ready. DIS has been hosting and educating students in Scandinavia through much of the pandemic, so we have experience in being nimble, responding to evolving local public health guidelines, keeping our community safe, and meeting student needs as well as home institution requirements. Please check out our COVID-19 FAQs for Future Students, and contact us at or 800-247-3477 if you have any further questions.

*some exceptions apply. Please contact DIS for details.