COVID-19 Planning

DIS - COVID-19 Planning

We look forward to welcoming students to Scandinavia for a pandemic-resilient study abroad experience.

We are optimistic that the pandemic conditions in Denmark and Sweden will allow society to remain open in the months ahead, thanks in large part to very high vaccination rates in both countries.

A Robust and Successful Plan

Throughout the pandemic with adjusted programming, DIS has successfully hosted several student cohorts in Stockholm and Copenhagen, giving us confidence that we are well prepared. DIS staff and faculty are skilled and enthusiastic, our systems and infrastructure are robust, and our protocols and platforms are tested.

Read through Our Resources

To navigate our planning resources, reference our COVID-19 Planning chart below for a quick overview of current DIS and border entry policies and vaccination updates. Then, read our detailed Frequently Asked Questions for more on our flexible cancellation policy, local norms and guidelines, and DIS planning and approaches. Finally, gain a perspective on Scandinavia during the pandemic by hearing from some of our staff in Denmark and Sweden: