What is Summer in Copenhagen Like?

Study Abroad in the Heart of Copenhagen

DIS is located in the heart of medieval Copenhagen. On your way to class, you will navigate through a network of walking streets, and after class, you can explore squares with outdoor cafes, canals lined with cobblestones and colorful facades, castles surrounded by public gardens, and twisting spires dotting the skyline. You will be on the forefront of the New Nordic wave currently reinventing the aesthetics of design, architecture, and food. If you choose to bike to class, you will join the 55% of Copenhageners who commute using well-planned bike lanes. From skate parks to harbor baths, the city holds hidden corners designed for community use.

Copenhagen: A City Full of Life

Copenhagen comes alive in the summer. The city streets and parks buzz with festivals, seasonal markets, cultural events, and outdoor music performances. With 18 hours of daylight, the days are long and filled with activities, and the city is packed with locals to meet. Events of the summer include the Copenhagen Jazz Festival, Roskilde Music Festival, Copenhagen Fashion Week, the open-air Distortion electronica festival, midsummer bonfires celebrating sankthansaften, and the Pride Parade, which make Copenhagen a vibrant place to be.

Why Study Abroad in Denmark?

  • Copenhagen is the capital of Denmark, and is the hub for politics, business, design, and research sectors
  • The Danes are highly proficient in English, making it possible to have meaningful conversations with the locals you meet
  • Denmark is the happiest nation in the world according to the United Nation’s World Happiness Report in 2016