Tall Ship Sailing

Denmark is surrounded by water and consists of more than 400 islands. Why not make the most of that and spend a weekend on board a tall ship to explore the Danish coastline?

The boat departs from Holbæk in Northern Sjælland, after an introduction to climbing and sail setting. In teams, you help the crew navigate, cook, and keep the night watch. In the evening, the group docks or anchors and you bunk up below deck before setting sail again on Sunday.

Let the wind take you where it may… your destination is unknown!

You will be living the sailor’s life. Pack layers and pack light – a small backpack is all you need for this trip. You may also want to bring a bathing suit and towel for hopping in the water.

Possible Activities

  • Assisting the crew in nautical navigation
  • Climbing and hoisting the sails on an old sailboat
  • Soaking up the sun on the ship’s deck
  • Cooking together in the evening with fellow shipmates